Elementary Grading Scale (5th -6th grade)
95-100   O+ - Outstanding Achievement + (goes beyond requirement)
90-94     O  - Outstanding (work is what is required weekly)
80-89     S+ – Satisfactory (work is slightly above average – work may be missing)
70-79     S  - Satisfactory (work is below average- student is  lagging behind on required work
69-0      N  Student is failing (tutoring is strongly suggested) – parental involvement is needed to get student back on track Concert and Symphonic Band Classes grade scale are based on the WCA School Handbook

BAND PHYSICALS All marching band students are required to have a current physical before the start of fall band camp. Students who received a recent physical from their family physician or recent sports physical may provide a copy of that form to the school athletic director.

HEALTH and MEDICAL NEEDS Students with medical conditions requiring emergency medicines should consult with the school office to have medications on hand.  Students who need to utilize emergency inhalers for asthma should have their medication on hand during all indoor and outdoor practices, as well as, at each competition.  Please discuss emergency medical needs (inhalers, insulin, epi-pens, etc) with the band staff and the school staff.   In addition to consulting with staff please make sure that your medical form and student information form are complete with all medications and allergies so that the staff can handle any emergency situations properly.

BEGINNING BAND FOR 7-12 GRADERS In years when large numbers of beginning band high school students, we will offer a beginning band class that meets after school one day per week. This class is only for grades 7-12. The students in this class must have had basic instruction during the summer months.  This class may also be used for current band students who are learning a second instrument.  There is a $10/half hour charge for all students. Percussion students are still required to take lessons, as there is no battery percussion in the class, but percussion students should come for work on keyboard instruments.  The requirements are the same as for beginning band class.  Students are required to pass-off the required songs from the method books, an average of 6 songs per week.  In addition, the students must pass off all songs that the band is currently playing or has played the previous year.  Once all requirements have been met, the student will be enrolled into the appropriate class for credit. 

The class schedule will remain the same, but any student who is capable of moving ahead may do so.  The plan for the class is that each student will finish all required work by the end of the semester, which is faster than the elementary class.  This can be accomplished if the student is willing to put the time in.
Band is a participation class and grades of students are based on their performance in competition and in concert, there are no “excused” absences for required performance. The WCA band policy states that students who find that they have a conflict on the day of a band competition or concert must give a minimum of one week’s notice in order to allow extra credit to be used to offset the grade for their absence.  Please give as much notice as possible if you are aware of conflicts ahead of time. Only a parent may make notification, by phone to the director or the assistant director.  In the event that a situation arises where there is an emergency issue (medical illness or family death), a parent must contact the band room at (434)822-0800 ext. 27 and leave a message regarding the emergency.  This voice mail is checked before every competition or concert.  Students who are affected by these “emergency” situations should provide a note from their parent or doctor upon return to school.  Medical/family emergency situations may be allowed to use extra credit if proper procedure is used in contacting the band director.  Grades for missed performances show in the student grade book as a “0”.  If extra credit is allowable it is applied as extra credit in the grade book.  Parents must be aware that students who fail to attend required performances or concerts without notification will be given no credit for the performance and will not be allowed to utilize any banked extra credit to offset the grade.

TARDIINESS TO CLASS Students are expected to arrive in class in a timely manner.  Students who have unexcused tardy to class will have 1 point deducted from their final 6 weeks grade for every minute they are tardy to class.   Students who are held by another teacher or who have been called to the office must bring a signed note from that teacher/staff to class to have their tardy excused. Promptness to class is strongly encouraged.  Parents will be notified if students are repeatedly late for band class.
Students in grades 9-12 may earn hours toward PE “personal fitness” credit for any after school marching activity.  Students must sign in and out in the band room to log hours toward this credit.  Credit is logged in the band room and turned in to the office periodically.  Your child may contact Mrs. Karen Arnn to check on their PE hour total.

(Marching or Concert) Open to:  Percussion students in grades 7-12 who have completed all elementary requirements - Auditioned Group Practice Days:  As needed when program starts Requirements for Indoor Percussion: Must maintain 60 % attendance to all practices Students who audition into the percussion ensemble are expected to fulfill their commitment to the group for the school year and are expected to participate in all concerts and attend the minimum attendance to all practices.
JAZZ ENSEMBLE Open to:  Students in grades 7-12 who play trumpet, trombone, saxophone, percussion, bass, guitar, and piano THIS IS AN AUDITIONED GROUP – Students who are selected to Jazz Ensemble are expected to fulfill their commitment to the group for the school year and participate in all concerts and competitions.  Only students who audition will be considered for positions in jazz ensemble.
Auditions:  Oct 14-15, 2013
Practice Days:  Mondays from 3-4 beginning in October – MUST MAINTAIN 60 % attendance to practices in order to perform. Students who fall below 70% attendance may be moved to lower parts in music and have their solo reassigned.  Required Performances:  Christmas Concert, Honors Concert, Spring Concert, Jazz Assessment Festival, Fiestavals Spring Festival (when applicable)- Red Band Polo Shirt for Performance
Open to:  Students who have a minimum of 1 year experience with silk team with experience on flag and rifle and who have auditioned and been selected Practice Days:  Each day during 7th period band and Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. Requirements:  Must audition during color guard try-out week (Try-out will include performing spring guard show, writing and performing an original work with numbered count sheet, and individual interview) Indoor Guard members must maintain 80% attendance to all practices and must perform routine tests on all drills Supplies Needed: Students must purchase their own personal rifle and flag for home use, shoes and gloves. Students must pay for replacement cost for lost or damaged uniforms Required Performances: Band Camp, GW Dixie Classic, Bluestone, Brookville, Southesat Guilford, Veteran’s Day Parade, Christmas Parade, Dinner Theatre, Fiestavals Spring Festival
INDOOR GUARD: Same requirements as Field Guard with Required Performances of the: Dinner Theatre and Fiestavals Spring Festival
PARADE GUARD: Same requirements as Field Guard with Required Performances of the: Veteran’s Day Parade and Danville Christmas Parade
Open to:  Students in grades 5-12 who wish to learn basic flag technique – no experience required Practice Days:  Each Friday from 3-4 p.m. in the band room. Requirements: Must register in May for summer classes, Must maintain 80% attendance to practices, Must perform routine test if required by the instructor Supplies Needed: Students must purchase their own flag (practice and performance), Student must purchase performance t-shirt Required Performances: Students must perform in the scheduled half-time shows during basketball season – Schedule to be announced in December for Jan-March games, Student is required to perform in the Pep Rally at Homecoming Promotion to Intermediate Silk Team:   Students who successfully complete one year of beginning silk team may be considered following try-outs for Parade Guard, Indoor Guard or Color Guard
INTERMEDIATE SILK TEAM: Open to:  Students in grades 5-12 with 1 full year of silk team experience Requirements, Supplies, Grade and Required Performances are the same as Beginning Silk team with introduction to rifle tech and opportunity to try-out for Parade Guard and Indoor Guard.

Symphonic and Concert Band Men:    Tux Shirt Provided by WCA, Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shoes – NO TENNIS SHOES, Black Socks Ladies:  Black Concert Dress Provided by WCA, Black Dress Shoes (flats or heels), No Flip Flops – No heels without back straps
Elementary and Beginning Band Boys:  White – Collared – Long Sleeved Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shoes – No Tennis Shoes, Black Socks Girls    Black Top, Black Skirt (short or long), Black Hose (waist high – No knee length), Black Dress Shoes, No Flip-Flops – No heels without back straps
Marching Uniform As provided by the WCA Band – jacket, bibbers, hat, white gloves, plume, black marching shoes, black socks (socks must come above the ankle in length) Students are responsible to purchase gloves and shoes
Color GuardAs provided by the WCA Band, marching shoes
Parade Guard
As provided by the WCA Band, black marching shoes, black socks
Silk Team Silk Team T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes
Pep Band Collared WCA band shirts or Red Band t-shirts
Jazz Band WCA Collared embroidered shirts, black slacks, black dress shoes, and black socks , or tux shirts and black slacks if requested
Items NOT ALLOWED in Performance Attire Include: Black Jeans Black Tennis Shoes White Socks (or any other color socks besides black) Flip Flops Sandals without back heel straps Any color hose other than black
**SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT UNIFORMS** Damage to school issued uniforms should be reported to band personnel immediately. Soiled items should be laundered or dry cleaned after each use Students whose uniforms are damaged beyond use or are lost will be responsible for the replacement cost of the uniform up to $400.
The WCA band raises 100% of operating funds each year. To meet operating expenses for the year each band family needs to raise $200 or more in PROFIT from the fruit sale fundraiser.   Methods of raising monies for uniforms, instruments, music, repairs and miscellaneous expenses include:
Fall Fruit Sale:  Income generated:  50% of each years operating funds
Vendor:  Indian River Grove, Florida   Goal for each family:  $450+ in sales
Kick off:  October 14th - Orders and Money Due by November 12th – Orders arrive the 1st week in December
Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser:  To utilize pizza profit for the trip students must have actively participated in the fall fruit sale.
Kick Off:  Mid-December –Orders and Money Due by January 15th – Orders Arrive the last week in January. The following chart is used to determine the amount of profit that each student is allowed to use based on their fruit sale participation:
$500-$600 in fruit sales = 100% profit from pizza kit sale $400-$499 in fruit sales = 80% profit from pizza kit sale $300-$399 in fruit sales = 60% profit from pizza kit sale $200-$299 in fruit sales = 40% profit from pizza kit sale $100-$199 in fruit sales = 20% profit from pizza kit sale
$14-$99 in fruit sales = 10 % profit from pizza kit sale
(Example:  A student who sold $500 worth of fruit will be able to utilize 75% of their pizza sale profit for their hotel cost for spring festival)
Dinner Theatre:  Spaghetti Dinner held in April to help with summer camp expenses, field show music for the fall and emergency summer funds. Tickets are pre-sold through the band room.
Donations:  Donations to the WCA band are welcome at any time.  Donors may request a tax information letter through the school office at the time of the donation.

Advertising Opportunities
Color Photo Programs:   Each year the WCA band prints 500-550 color programs for disbursal during Christmas and spring concert events.  Local businesses or private families may purchase advertising space in these programs.
Contact Debra Davis if you have a business or know of a business who might wish to sponsor the color programs.  All advertising cost goes directly to the printing of the programs – there is no monetary gain for the band.  Ad cost for color programs is as follows:
Full page- $180
Half Page - $85
Business Card - $50
Sample programs from previous years are available in the band room for preview.