Beginning Band Target Dates:

Regular classes begin this week - Percussion(snare) on Monday,  Percussion(Bells) and all Horns on Wednesday, and All students on Friday for Testing.

Class Time:  11:10-11:50

Students must bring their instrument, drum sticks and books for full credit

Songs Testing on Friday, October 4 Songs 11-15 for bells and horns

Songs Testing on Friday for Snare:  34-38


Class Days: Percussion Snare: Mondays 11:10-11:40, Percussion Bells and all other instruments, Wednesdays 11:10-11:40, All beginning band Fridays (Testing) 11:10-11:40
Attendance – 10 points per day for attendance to class
Participation – 10 points per day for proper participation in class
Preparation – 10 points per day (5 points for instrument, 5 points for book)
Pass 0ffs – 3 points per songs completed (5 songs due each week)
Posture - 10 points per day
Performances – 100 points each for all required performances – students must be in proper uniform for each performance (see performance attire)
Extra Credit – Signed weekly lesson plans = 10 points per week Grade Scale: See Band Handbook Required Performance:  Spring Concert (Must be able to pass playing tests on Spring Concert Music in order to perform Promotion Students must successfully complete the year with an average of at least 70 to be promoted to the Advanced Elementary Band.  Students who do not have an average of 70 must complete private summer lessons at a fee of $10 per half hour lesson or $40 per month to enter band in the fall as Advanced Elementary Students.